I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase about age only being a frame of mind, right? So – is your cat ‘old’, even if he’s vibrant and lively? I think this is something we should look at deeper.

While it’s true that cats over the age of 10 should be monitored more closely than their younger counterparts, we see too many cat parents giving up on their kitties if they develop an issue or illness at this age. Please don’t do that!

Our oldest cat lived to be a month shy of 22 years old. If we would have thrown in the towel when he was 10 he (and we!) would’ve missed out on the blessing of another 12 years together. No – he wouldn’t have just stopped living at 10 years old! But when faced with some of the challenges of an older kitty, we had to look harder to find the right tools to help us through.

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Your age is your frame of mind and we’d like to challenge you to use this same mentality with your cat! If you wish for your 10+ year old kitty to be vibrant, playful and young – start thinking of her as such. Play with her every day as if she were a kitten again. Pet her like she’s the most adorable baby on the planet. Talk to her like you did when she fit into the palm of your hand.

Also – feed her the best diet you possibly can. A great diet for a cat over 10 consists of high quality protein and as much fresh food as possible. As cats (and humans) age, their joints and organs start to break down. A high quality, high protein diet coupled with added supplementation will not only help support and slow degeneration, but it will also build her energy levels.

So, if you think your cat is old… think again. Engage your cats in playtime, feed them the best diet possible, give them plenty of love and, most of all, don’t give up on them.

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