Calculate Your Cat’s Age

Have you ever wanted to calculate your cat’s age in ‘cat years’?

We have…

And if you’re like us, you may have thought that the math was simple. We just multiply our cat’s age by seven – just as one would calculate ‘dog years’… Right? What fools we were… this simple math is simply not so. Sadly, our miscalculation is further proof that even we, the Two Crazy Cat Ladies, have been stupefied by this dog-dominant world.

Common sense itself would dictate that our far more sophisticated companion animals would indeed require a far more sophisticated aging structure.

Fear not, my fellow feline friends – we have invested hours of extensive research (Google) to present you with a simple cat years calculator for your convenience (big thanks to!).

So let’s begin an accurate Operation Calculation!

As an added bonus from the fine folks at, you may also discover how old you are in cat years. Enjoy!

Sophisticated and mysterious, right?

How does it come up with this number? There is no easy breezy multiplication here… that kind of elementary arithmetic is literally for the dogs!

You are welcome to research the genesis of this equation yourself… I believe the journey to calculate your cat’s age is one exploration everyone should enjoy. You should know, however, that our research led us to the conclusion that this kind of algorithm must be an advanced form of quantum cat physics. Before we were able to identify the zen cat master that created this brilliant science, we decided that some things can never be fully known – only accepted. It has become part of our feline faith.

What I can tell you is the basics. Calculate your cat’s age.

All of our cats age in an advanced and amazing way… The first year of their incredible lives counts for 15 human years. The second year of life counts for 10 human years. Every additional year after that counts for 4 human years. There you have it… a beginners guide to understanding how our brave and beautiful babies are so wise beyond their years. And now we can all understand, in some small way, why.

So, while we may not have all the answers about the origins of this catastic calculator, we do invite you to check out the rest of our website to see what we actually do know about our fantastic feline friends… We also invite you to join us on our journey and subscribe to our blog here.

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