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Do you ever think about the quality and safety of the toys your cats play with? Purrfectplay does.

Purrfectplay cat toys Wool BunnyAnd by “quality” we don’t mean super expensive, celebrity style cat toys… The quality of Purrfectplay’s cat toys are the best of the best – without a painful price tag. Every catastic creation is all NATURAL and made with love. You will never have to worry about lead poisoning or dangerous synthetics, dyes or plastics that can potentially harm our kitties.

“Because of my strong background in biology and my lifelong interest in nature and organic products, I realized that brightly dyed plastic toys from China were not safe for my cats,” says owner, Pam Wheelock. “I started making cat toys for our family and for friends. Then I started selling them and Purrfectplay grew out of these efforts.”

What’s more beautiful than that?

purrfectplay hemp carrotPurrfectplay makes their toys here in America at their Indiana workshop — “lovingly crafted, safe, and joyously fun.” If Mother Nature doesn’t make it, Purrfectplay doesn’t use it. Simply stated, they mix kitty entertainment with holistic care – making an amazingly fun and safe play haven for all of our feline friends.

Purrfectplay is focused on both the happiness and the health of cats everywhere. It’s not about the money, it’s simply about love and safety… and a percentage of every sale is “gratefully shared with rescues and no kill shelters.” Currently their most popular cat toys are the Wool Dust Bunnies and the Hemp Catnip Carrot. Too cute! And they even have larger toys like the Long Catnip Snake for our big feline friends!purrfectplay longsnake

Let’s just face it: we buy colorful toys that look a certain way to please our eyes – not our cats. How many times have you come home with a new cat toy – only to find out that the kitties like the box it came in more – or the tag you tore off of the darn thing? Purrfectplay offers toys that your cats are guaranteed to love – without any worries!

As the Two Crazy Cat Ladies, you all know that we pride ourselves in cat nutrition. We deeply care about the health and well-being of all cats. Purrfectplay feels the same. They’ve dedicated their lives to giving our pets a safe, fun and eco-friendly environment in which to play.

So if you’re looking for some PAWesome toys for your babies, check out Purrfectplay.com by clicking here. You can thank us later. 🙂


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