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Here at Two Crazy Cat Ladies, our main focus is on the health and well-being of cats. We’ve dedicated our lives to offering nutritional knowledge and natural products to cat parents everywhere – with the hopes of increasing the happiness and longevity of life for all of our feline friends. However, just like you, we love everything cats.

This is why we’ve decided to take some time and research other companies in the feline industry. Being a part of this industry is just so rewarding – and it’s wonderful to see so many other PAWesome cat lovers who’ve also dedicated their lives to spreading love in the kitty world. We are constantly encouraged and inspired by these cat-considerate companies and want to uplift their efforts and accomplishments in whatever way we can!

As we sift through our research, we will be sharing what we find. We look forward to highlighting other feline related products and sharing the ‘catastic cattitude‘ of these great cat companies! We are offering our stamp of approval on cat products and feline friendly finds that make us happy – and we want to share that happiness with all of you. Our featured companies will receive our Two Crazy Cat Ladies Approved logo to highlight their success.

Two Crazy Cat Ladies Approved ProductsCat lovers need to stick together (like cat hair on black pants) and support each other in this dog-eat-dog world. Don’t get me wrong, we love dogs – a lot – but our feline friends often go overlooked and the small businesses that are centered around cats don’t get the attention we think they deserve. We want to be part of a big change! Every time we find a new fantastic feline product or idea, we will be shouting it from the mountain tops… Not just sharing a simple link, but telling you why we love it and what makes the company selling it special to us cat lovers.

As the Two Crazy Cat Ladies, we become more and more ‘crazy’ about cats every day. Before we decided to start this venture, we admit we were kinda closet cat ladies. We rarely sported any cat attire or got too excited about cat-related products. We were not ashamed of being cat parents but we were the only parents of multiple cats we knew! And let’s face it… there’s a stereotype you get when you start putting cat magnets on the fridge and placing kitty welcome mats outside your front door.

Fast forward to today and we’re proud to have cat magnets on our fridge, cat tabs around our wine glasses, cat images on our shirts and feline faces on our belts. Now that we’ve met so many cool cat parents, we’re happy to be among such great company and no longer worry about feeling judged because we’re crazy about cats! We’re in a whole new world and we want to spread this joy and these awesome products to you – and expand our catastic universe together!

If you or someone you know has a cat-related business or product and would like to be featured on our blog, please feel free to fill out our questionnaire here so we can learn more about you!

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