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“My painting process is similar to an excavation. I’ll see a little bit of potential in something, maybe even just a single word, and then due to sheer curiosity I’ll start digging around it,” says Annie Dunn, the artist and co-owner of Chaos in Color. “My artistic intent is always humor or beauty, usually both, and sometimes even darkness because I think that laughing at mortality gives us strength.”

Add to this artistic genius the love of “mischievous cats and goofy skeletons” and you discover some of the most vivid, enchanting art around.

Annie and her co-owner husband, John, have created a truly special company. We were first introduced to Chaos in Color at a convention for cats earlier this year. Their booth was ‘kitty corner’ to ours and we were absolutely enamored by the colors and creativity. We’d never been exposed to this kind of art before, and we found ourselves instant fans. The originality of Annie’s work is as impressive as the art itself. Our current favorite creations are Learning to Love the Dark (below -a black cat appreciation piece), and Rendezvous (above).

The beginning of Chaos in Color
Chaos in Color original image

Learn to Love the Dark

Annie credits the beginning of her unique style with growing up across the street from an old, small-town cemetery… and the ensuing childhood love of writing spooky stories. In 2003, she started experimenting with digital painting and by 2012 she was sharing her stories with pictures instead of words.

“I started painting for myself, but was so pleased to find that there were other people who liked the same things,” says Annie. “Starting this business helped me find a tribe I didn’t even know existed. Now I want to do the same for others.”

Annie’s passion for her work translates into her compassion for cats too – especially the homeless.

“Cat rescues and adoption groups are always in need of funds,” says Annie. “We do what we can by donating artwork for non-profit raffles and silent auctions. We try to help out homeless cats whenever possible.”

Chaos in Color original image

Six Feet Under

We also recommend a visit to their Meet the Crew page on their website where you’ll be introduced to Raven, Pinky and Loki. Just do it.

So, whether you are looking to add a new print to your art collection, or want to find a unique gift for a friend, you’ll find it at Chaos in Color. T-shirts, posters, bookmarks and even greeting cards are just some of the fabulous finds you’ll discover. The hard part is deciding what to take home. Good luck!



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