This is the most bizarre presidential election in my lifetime. Recent polls show that close to 60% of American voters are dissatisfied with the options they have available to them. Close friends and relatives have vowed not to vote in this presidential election, while others are still holding out hope for a 3rd party takeover.

What does this have to do with cats, you ask?

Well, in the midst of the most controversial election season ever, we finally have a true alternative who has stepped to the plate. This candidate is smart, kind, honest and at the top of his game. He came from an underprivileged background and, thus, can offer a different perspective than our Republican and Democratic nominees.

Now we have a ‘cat in the hat’! Hydrogen is a Colorado rescue cat who’s throwing his name into the hat for this presidential election. He’s accepting donations, of which will go completely to cat shelters – helping care for cats that require longer shelter stays. Hydrogen supports family values and takes a strong stance on mice immigration. He believes that it’s time we have a cat for president.

And we agree.

It’s time for We The People to take back our country and vote in a leader that we care about – and cares about us. What better option than a cat? At the beginning of this year we posted an article entitled Nominate My Cat For President because, though the primaries were still not over, we felt that this election season was already a disaster.

A cat for president, like Hydrogen, would give Americans four years to figure out how to stop bickering and start learning how to work together for the betterment of our country. Having a cat for president would offer us a peaceful role model as our leader-head. A cat for president would give us unlimited access to cat videos, pics and ‘stuffs’. You can’t beat that.

So, what would a cat for president really look like? It would look a lot better than what it looks like now. Period.

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