We spend the majority of our lives trying to learn how to prolong the life of our cats. Yours and ours. What we’ve learned is that there’s not just one key to longevity, but many.

Diet, nutrition, stress, air quality, etc. – all are important. But let’s not forget the role of Love.

Whether you believe it or not, energy plays an important role in quality and longevity of life. Energy makes light, heat and so many other unexplained phenomenon. And Love is energy at its highest level.

Can Love Prolong The Life Of Your Cat?

We hear cat parents say “my cat lived to be 20+ years old eating cheap, dry food” on a regular basis – and it’s true. Diet is important for quality of life – and it certainly plays an important role towards longevity – but it isn’t the only factor that will prolong the life of your cat.

What we feed our bodies, breathe into our bodies and put into our bodies is crucial for overall health – but how we feel in our spirit can be even more powerful. Cats carry the emotions of their humans and can literally smell our stress from afar. A stressed out human can create a stressed out cat. It’s a fact.

And stress is the leading cause of disease in cats – but Love can relieve stress too. πŸ™‚

Personally, I often get so wrapped up in the nutrition aspect of helping our cats live the best life possible that I forget to nurture them. Adrienne is great at the nurturing aspect so we kind of balance each other out. πŸ˜‰

My hypothesis is that cats who live long lives without being fed the best diets are surrounded by genuine Love (and not over-vaccinated).

To be clear, we truly believe that diet, nutrition, low stress, air quality, appropriate vaccination and Love all play a big part in providing a happy, healthful life for our kitties. But the greatest among these is Love.


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