Green Bean Catnip Toy

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This purrfectly sized catnip toy is a hit with every cat!  Handmade with Love and certified organic catnip, the scent alone will drive your kitty wild! These catnip toys have been the favorite in our household for years, so we’re excited to offer them to your kitties too! Give your cat a one-of-a-kind treat today with these Green Bean Catnip Toys!

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Earth and vegan friendly cat toys! Handmade with recycled paper bits, organic catnip and lots of fun!

Handmade right here in Nevada by lovely cat mom, Stacey Young, and approved by her two kitties Mischa and Sammy.

Open package immediately or risk your cat opening it for you. 🙂

Created by For Mew Cat Toys

One item per (or purr) purchase

Pesticide free.

Additional information

Weight 1 oz
Dimensions .5 × .5 × 1 in

24 reviews for Green Bean Catnip Toy

Based on 20 reviews
  1. Emma

    So I have not gotten this yet, but I think it seems great for cats and is SAFE which to me is very important.

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  2. Tina (Verified Customer)

    My Sampson as claimed this as his and no one, not even I can get it from him. He keeps it under his head and just chills out on it. That is until you try to take it from him then he is all but chill. Hahah

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  3. Myrna Foster (Verified Customer)

    Kitty Whylie lays on it on the floor!! He loves catnip toys!

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  4. Tonya Evans (Verified Customer)

    My cats really enjoy the cat nip in these. I love that they are pesticide free. Missy claims them as her own every time I order new toys.

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  5. Kimberly Lachance (Verified Customer)

    My cat loves the catnip toy and I love that it’s all natural and pesticide free.

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  6. Jennifer Metaphor (Verified Customer)

    My boy Cannady LOVES this toy so much. It’s funny to watch how attentive he gets if someone else picks it up. He won’t dare let to out of his sight. lol. It’s a cute toy and I have four foster kittens, I’m going to get one for each of them to love and take me with them!!

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  7. Ms Darien (Verified Customer)

    I thought I’d try this I honestly didn’t think my older cat would bother but omg both my cats loved this now I feel bad for not getting them one each because they both want to play with it and have their own scent on it rather than other cats. Anyways I feel bad so I will buy more for other cat and maybe get one for my friends too. I’m glad it’s eco friendly or ethical and organic these are the things I look for when shopping .

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  8. Lynn Taylor (Verified Customer)

    These are awesome. Grey went right after them. He was in heaven.

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  9. Bekki Bonesteel (Verified Customer)

    My boy October just loved the catnip pouch. He took it over amd wouldn’t let the other 2 play.

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  10. Judy Ream (Verified Customer)

    My cat loves it. Very well made and smells great. But it is much smaller than I thought it would be for the price. I think 2 for 1 would be a better deal.

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  11. Marge (Verified Customer)

    Ripley isn’t very interested in this toy. She sits and looks at, that’s about it. 🙁

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  12. Sasha

    My cat keeps trying to bury it. Not sure why.

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  13. Kami Stevens (Verified Customer)

    I have three cats, but only ordered two because of the price. They loved them so much when they arrived that I rushed to the computer to order another. During those few minutes, one of the two beanbags was completed shredded. Needless to say,
    I didn’t order another then, but ordered two more with my last order to guarantee free shipping. My cat crew has had their paws on the new bean bags for three hours now and so far both bags have survived.

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  14. Denise Griffin (Verified Customer)

    All my kits love these, even Ralphie the neighbor’s cat love them. They love tossing them, hugging them and drooling all over them. It is a must have!

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  15. Donna Yamashita

    My cats love these! I only ordered a couple initially and once I receive them they went so crazy over it I had to get more! Great product!

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  16. Emily

    My kitty loves this thing and just sits and licks it constantly! Wish it would have came with more in a pack, but he still loves ir!

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  17. Paul Auger (Verified Customer)

    For the price I was expecting something bigger than a tea bag.
    One of my cats grabbed it and ripped it open. Didn’t last five minutes

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  18. Pam Webster (Verified Customer)

    As soon as I opened the package, both of my boys came over to investigate. I gave them each one, and they were having a blast! They were licking them, drooling all over them, and tossing them around. It was so funny to watch them! They still play with them every day, and have just as much fun. Thanks!

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  19. Melanie (Verified Customer)

    GREAT product! My 3 boys all LOVED this toy and went crazy over it as soon as it came out of the package! Definitely would recommend to all cats 10/10!

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  20. Samantha (Verified Customer)

    Our 3 kitties LOVEDDDDDD everything we got from the Two Crazy Cat Ladies!!! They make the best and most high quality products, I always feel good about ordering things from them because of what good people they are. Our cats love everything, thank you soooo much Jae & Adrienne!!

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  21. Jodie Jacobs (Verified Customer)

    This was supposed to be one of Oscar’s Christmas presents, but when I was trying to wrap it, he jumped up on the table and swatted it down to the floor and started to play with it. So I caved and gave him an early present! He loves this toy so much and is getting a lot of much needed exercise chasing it around! 🙂

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  22. Marlene R. (Verified Customer)

    I was very surprised at how tiny it is.

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  23. Rose P. (Verified Customer)

    Very nice addition

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  24. Ellen (Verified Customer)

    My cats have been enjoying the catnip toys.

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