Energy is a real thing, people. It’s a scientific fact. Energy makes light, heat and every other unexplained phenomenon. It is a powerful element that is available to each one of us for use at any time. Because of this, we try to stay PAWsitive (see what I did there?) as often as possible when handling our cats.

Have you heard about the patients who healed themselves of terminal cancer by watching comedy movies? Or what about the homeless person who became a millionaire by simply “believing” it into existence? This is all the power of pawsitive energy. Yes – these may be very rare examples, but we think these folks are on to something!

Here’s a few reasons why we think it’s a good idea to invite pawsitive energy into your life.

Why You Should Stay PAWsitive

  1. To keep your cats healthy. This sounds funny, I know, but we know that our cats carry our stress and anxiety is the leading cause of ailments in humans and pets, right? So, staying positive is a great way to kill the negative energy of anxiety and keep ourselves & kitties healthier.
  2. To keep your cats fed. It’s not cheap to keep our cats fed, especially if you feed them healthy foods. Research shows that positive people are more successful than negative people – how’s that for an incentive! If you stay pawsitive, you’re more likely to get that promotion you’ve been waiting for. And guess what, your kitties will be eligible for a food upgrade if you do!
  3. To heal pain and spread joy. All energy is contagious, but positive energy is 10 times more contagious than negative energy. When you are in a state of complete bliss you can literally heal pain in yourself and those around you. Try it sometime. Stay pawsitive long enough and you’ll understand what I mean. Help heal the pain your cats may be facing by practicing this pawsitive purrspective. 🙂



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