Stress is a real thing. It’s the number one cause of disease in both people and animals. But do you know how your stress affects your cats? Let’s talk about the science behind stress hormones and the healing power of positivity.

Science tells us that when we stress, we release stress hormones called cortisol, and our cats can smell and sense this very quickly. In turn, our kitties produce and release cortisol to try and calm themselves. Too much cortisol in a home isn’t healthy and can breed disease.

Now I’m sometimes horrible at controlling my anxiety levels, so I’m preaching to the choir here, but the power of positivity is just as scientifically real as the power of stress. Studies have shown people who have healed themselves of horrible diseases using only positive thinking. And I’m sure you’ve heard of the placebo effect? Sugar pills are given to patients with illnesses in replacement for medications – and they often heal the patient better than the chemicals.

Once you’ve experienced the power of positivity you can’t deny it.

But what does this have to do with our cats? By controlling our stress levels and practicing positivity we are holistically allowing our kitties to live longer and healthier lives. If your cat is sick, don’t add negativity to the situation. You could, unknowingly, be making the illness worse.

To keep your cortisol levels down, practice meditation, take a walk, sing a song, listen to music or do whatever you do to reduce your stress. We frequently work to re-center ourselves so that we can release positive energy into our cats’ bodies. Our oldest will be 21 soon and he’s healthier now than when he was 16… While much of that has to do with the power of nutrition, positive energy also plays a big part.

Because we know the truth about the power of positivity, we also practice this in our business. Every time someone purchases a natural solution for their cat’s health from our store, we focus positive energy on each order – sending healing and healthful vibes out to your cat… and you 🙂 Sound kooky? Maybe. But is there such a thing as too much positivity in this world? Nope!

Natural Calming Liquid for Cats

Cat Calm Stress Reducing Liquid Formula



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