Cat dads are taking over the internet with their adorable videos, showing how cool it is to be owned by a cat. The number of men with cats is growing at a rapid rate – and we find it sexy…

Because dogs are considered more masculine and cats more feminine, many males still chose dogs as pets. Men we’ve talked with say owning a cat makes them feel less masculine. They’ve actually said their friends call them weak if they show affection for a cat. “A dog is a man’s best friend” is an old adage that’s infiltrated society’s consciousness. This stereotype, however, is quickly vanishing in this current age of reason. Cats are growing in popularity (finally) and so are their dads.

Here are the top 3 reasons we think men with cats are sexy.

  1. Cat dads challenge and defy conventional stereotypes. Instead of adhering to the ‘status quo‘, men with cats march to the beat of their own drum. They’re non-conformists and stronger than the average male, in our opinion. Those who refuse to conform to society’s ways are true leaders. And we think leaders are sexy. 🙂
  2. Men with cats are secure in their masculinity. Just like men who are comfortable wearing yellow or pink (more ‘feminine‘ colors), we believe that males who have and love cats are firm in their identity. They don’t need outsiders to reassure them of their masculinity. Another sexy attribute of cat dads.
  3. Male cat parents have big hearts. Every person loves a man with a big heart. Statistics show that over 70% of cats in shelters are euthanized each year. Many men would turn a blind eye to that number and adopt whatever he thought was sufficient for his home. However, we see many cat dads rescuing these kitties, some with serious ailments, and caring for them better than many women will. It’s a beautiful thing to see disabled cats adopted – but when a guy rescues one? Sexy.

If you’re a male in search of a companion pet and would like to be considered sexy, adopt a cat today!



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