Maybe you’re a little like me and have thought that you might actually love both dogs and cats equally – so why, you ask – this need to distinguish my top 5 reasons cats are better than dogs? Firstly, and most importantly – it’s just the truth. And truth needs to be shared. Second, these facts give me the strength to resist any unreasonable temptation to co-mingle my cat crew every time I walk by Pet Smart’s curbside Doggy Adoption booth. Let’s just be honest…Cats and dogs come with a specific lifestyle attached. Mine is cat-centric. It’s just the way it is… and here are my 5 reasons why I like it…

Quality Time

It’s been a busy day. I’m exhausted, hungry and slightly edgy. I come home, kick off my shoes, rummage through the fridge, find a comfy spot on the couch and then – and only then – am I greeted by my babies. An assortment of gentle sweetness ensues: head bumps, leg rubs, even the inviting belly-up plop on the couch beside me. My cats know when I’m ready for quality time and patiently await the perfect moment… and these perfect moments wash away even the worst of days.

In contrast, imagine if I had four dogs to come home to… there would be the frantic pacing as I walk in the door to put my stuff down, not to mention the jumping, barking or excited bladder piddle spots to clean up… and do NOT even think about grabbing a bite to eat before someone gets a potty break or evening walk. Sure, it’s nice to know someone is happy to see you… but let’s take a lesson from the cat – sometimes the best quality time is just simple, quiet and considerate.


We all know that the stereotypical cat is synonymous with independence. Cats have been pegged as having an aloof, can’t be bothered attitude, and so many people surmise that cats prefer to be independent. These assumptions are inaccurate in my experience… and while cats may not be born with the ‘pack mentality’ so valued by dog guardians, they are very much creatures of community and compassion. However… the idea that cats are qualified to be independent is altogether a different story, and one that is certainly not unfounded. Our feline friends have no problem house-sitting for their humans for an entire weekend – sometimes even a 3 day weekend. All they require is a clean littler box, some snacks and plenty of beverages. No dog I know could bare to be left alone for an entire weekend – nor would any good human consider that kind of neglect as it pertains to such a dependent creature.


This is a big one. I know of no other companion animal that requires such low maintenance. As referenced above, cats enjoy a special self sufficiency… If I miss my alarm or have to work late, I am spared the panicked thoughts of what havoc is being wreaked because the basic routine has been disrupted. Food, litter, water… and lots of love as life allows. It’s nearly impossible to have a maintenance plan more simple than that.

Potty Training

This issue is a little like magic to me… A new feline family member arrives, with no way to inquire as to the location of the restroom, but just like magic – Poof… all the poop is in the appropriate place. This area of contrast with dogs truly coveys a significant supremacy to me. Even if there is a specific spot in the backyard designated the ‘canine commode,’ most dogs seem to simply not care. Picking up after a dog is a lot like an awful Easter Egg hunt… you search and search and still end up stepping on the hunted treasure. No thank you. Just thinking about this issue makes me feel like I didn’t even need to mention the other four reasons cats are better than dogs.


IDogs are expensive‘ll admit, this reason may seem an unfair comparison… Dogs have little control over the amount of mula that must be spent on their behalf. Unfortunately, it’s a fact of nature that dogs are prone to far more health issues than cats (bigger vet bills), they have an insatiable need for new toys (usually because they ate them), and they have the potential to literally eat you out of house and home (I’ve witness shoes, tables, entire couches and even a front door perish upon meeting the wrong dog at the wrong time). In fairness, fine… it’s true my home does indeed bare evidence of many cat claws (my own couch looks a little ragged in spots) but I do still have a couch. And yes… we would never not call Dr. Claus (yes, his real name) if one of our babies seems ill or gets injured – but we haven’t had to remortgage our house. As for cat toys… the only time we re-up on the fun stuff if when we get bored of the same old games. No one ever ate the feather stick.

And this concludes my 5 reasons cats are better than dogs… or why at least mine are. It’s possible – though improbable – that a dog exists that could rival the ease and enjoyment of a life with cats. What’s undeniable is that no dog exists that could ever rival the four fabulous felines that make my life so fantastic.


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