Top 5 Benefits Of Coconut Oil For Cats

Coconut oil is known for it's many health benefits for people - but what can it do for cats?

Coconut oil is known for its many health benefits for people – but what can it do for cats?

Aside from the fact that most cats LOVE the tasty treat, coconut oil can offer your kitty so many health benefits. Carmina & Charisa of CocoTherapy™ – the expert coconut oil provider for pets – say, “As one of nature’s true “superfoods”, therapeutic virgin coconut oil can benefit all kinds of pets. These include carnivores such as dogs and cats, as well as large and small herbivores like goats, horses, hamsters, rabbits, and even birds.

So let’s explore some of the common issues that we have as pet parents and how coconut oil for cats can help.

Top 5 Benefits Of Coconut Oil For Cats

  1. Coconut oil helps the skin and coat of cats. You can apply this oil topically to help dryness and irritation – without risk of side effects. We like to use it on our cats’ paw pads when they get dry. However, because of its healing properties coconut oil can also kill certain parasites and help repair damaged skin. Ingesting 1/2 tsp per day can also help the skin and coat from the inside out!
  2. Prevents hairballs and helps digestion. Offering your kitty some coconut oil is a great way to keep the ingested hair moving through their digestive tract. According to CocoTherapy, “The medium-chain fatty acids (MCFAs) in coconut oil are easily digestible and help the body to absorb nutrients and vitamins from food more efficiently. Coconut oil also has natural anti-inflammatory properties that support healthy digestion.” That alone should be enough to want to add this to your cat’s diet!
  3. Helps with constipation. Speaking of digestion, coconut oil is a life-saver in our home when one of our kitties stool seems to be too firm. If ever we worry about constipation, we offer our cats coconut oil as a treat to help soften and move stool through the digestive tract!
  4. It helps with dental health. We were amazed to learn of the benefits of coconut oil for cats teeth! You can even use it to brush your kitty’s teeth! “Coconut oil is rich is lauric acid and caprylic acid – medium-chain fatty acids (MCFAs) that have antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, and antimicrobial properties. This makes it very effective for maintaining your pet’s oral health.
  5. Coconut oil supports brain health. This is a big one in our home. Cognitive disfunction is common in many older cats, and there are not a lot of options out there to help support their cognitive health. Coconut oil is a natural and affordable way to help support brain function.

It’s important to remember that every coconut oil is not created equal. Be sure to look for organic and unrefined coconut oil to add to your cat’s routine!

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