Top 3 Benefits Of Coconut Oil For Cats

Here are the top Benefits Of Coconut Oil for our kitties.

I think we all know that there are many benefits of coconut oil for humans, but have you tried it on your cats? There’s some controversy around cats and coconut oil, but history shows that it can be super helpful to our kitties.

There’s tons of research on the vast benefits that coconut offers humans and proactive pet parents have been using it to help their cats and dogs for hundreds of years.

Here are some of the top benefits of coconut oil for cats.

  1. Coconut oil helps with constipation in cats. If your kitties are prone to constipation, they often just need a bit of lubricant to keep things moving in the colon. Coconut oil is a natural and easy way to offer that lubrication without risk of side effects. This will also help cats pass through the hair they ingest, which often cause the constipation. Our cats like to lick the coconut oil off of our fingers, but you can also add it to the food. Use about a 1/4 tsp 2x per day.
  2. Coconut oil helps with the skin and coat. In addition to helping with constipation, this remedy helps with a host of skin issues. You can apply a bit of it topically for dry, flakey skin, wounds, etc. but it also helps from the inside out. Dr. Karen Becker, DVM, says, “Coconut oil can be used to soothe and heal a wide range of skin issues in pets; given orally, it offers tremendous health benefits thanks to its anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties
  3. Coconut oil helps brain function. While their hasn’t been much research on how coconut oil works for cognitive function in animals, there is a vast amount of research on this in humans. In addition, if you read case studies or stories from other pet parents you’ll hear how proactive pet parents have used coconut oil to improve issues like dementia in cats and dogs.

We recommend using organic coconut oil and our favorite brand, currently, is Cocotherapy. When it comes to our kitties, they don’t need much to make a big difference!

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