If you’ve ever lost a cat companion, you know how deeply we wish they could live forever. And if you’ve ever decided to open your heart to a new feline friend, maybe you’ve wondered which breed of cat lives the longest.

A simple online search will let you know that most all indoor cats – regardless of breed – can live as long as 12-20 years. Outdoor cats sadly only live 2-5 years. You may also find that Siamese, Burmese, and Savannah cats tend to rank higher on the lifespan scale – though 20 years seems to be a general die date even for these pedigree felines. And depending on who you ask, there are between 40-70 different pure bred cat breeds!

So – what’s our favorite breed of cat?

Our favorite ‘breed’ of cat – regardless of lifespan – is a rescue. We’ve never know the lineage of any of our loves. Most everyone we know isn’t owned by a purebred cat either. So, are we doomed to lose these precious companions far too soon?

You’ll be happy to know that the longest living cat ever recorded was a basic domestic shorthair. Her name was Creme Puff – and she lived to be 38 years and 3 days old! Interestingly, Creme Puff shared her life with another long-lived sphynx cat name Grandpa Rexs Allen. He lived to be 34 years and 2 months old! Both cats lived under the excellent care of their cat dad, Jake Perry. Mr. Perry included fresh food, exercise and enrichment activities in their lives every day – and claimed this was the key to longevity of life.

So – SURPRISE! The more we learn about providing our cats with a happy, healthy, and long life – the more we realize it’s not about their breed! Yes, genetics play a part – but it’s our cat’s care that best helps determine a long life! Good nutrition, exercise, regular wellness exams and tons of love will help keep our feline friends with us as long as possible.❤️


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