Smurgling… if you’re not sure if your cat is a smurgler, read on. It is a thing.

You may already be familiar with this behavior. Some people say their kitty is making biscuits or kneading bread… and both are accurate descriptions of smurgling.

The definition of smurgle – as defined by the Urban Dictionary is: “A singularly feline display of affection. The kneading, purring, nuzzling, salivating that accompanies feline affection.”

This behavior starts as a kitten – as they knead an nurse their mama for milk. You might call this activity a cat’s happy place. It’s also normal to notice drooling when a cat is making biscuits. Important to note that this happy, drippy, drool will be very watery – and will only happen during this happy time.

Anytime a cat has thick drool – while eating, sleeping, or just hanging out – you’ll want to get a check-up. This is often a sign of a dental issue – and could be causing your cat significant pain.

In stark contrast, a smurgle-fest is a time of great contentment, relaxation, and joy. It’s completely normal for a human who is receiving a smurgle snuggle to be rendered completely helpless. We suspect it to be the leading cause of feline paralysis. We also believe if you are the recipient of this singularly feline affection, you are certainly doing something right in life.

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