Is Your Best Enough For Your Cats?

There are many things you can do For Your Cats to help them live a longer and happier life, but don't get overwhelmed. Your best is enough.

Listen… we realize that the vast amount of information and advice we give cat parents can be overwhelming at times. If you take it all in at once you may think that you have to change your whole world to accommodate your kitties, but that’s just not the case. Making certain changes for your cats to live the best life possible can be done over time.

Many cat parents are taken aback when they hear “kibble isn’t good for cats“, “prescription diets can cause more feline disease” or “your household fragrances can harm your kitties“. Believe it or not, this is new information to many. In fact, we ourselves fed commercial kibble diets and used harsh fragrances in our home for years. Some of this information is difficult to process, especially if you have multiple cats and a limited budget.

“Do Your Best And Forget The Rest”

We don’t want you to feel intimidated with the information we share. Our goal is to continuing learning better ways to help our cats live the longest, happiest and healthiest life possible and then share that information with you. If the information we share can help your kitties, make some changes. If not, let it be. We know that you want the best for your cats and the love you give them is their greatest gift.

The truth is that we can all make little changes over time that won’t break the bank. Adding some fresh food to the bowl of kibble or making your cat’s food at home are inexpensive ways to improve the diet. Using vinegar and water to clean floors and countertops will actually save you money on your cleaning supplies. Discontinuing the use of harsh candles, sprays and plugins and replacing them with more natural and safe aromas is also essentially free. It isn’t always easy, however, to change our creature comforts.

In conclusion, we should all do the best we can for our cat with the knowledge and resources available to us. Doing your best is the best. And it is enough for your kitties.

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