My friend called me this morning and told me that watching us online with our kitties makes her see cats in a different way. She, like many others, never really thought of cats as pets. As a dog parent, she saw cats more like a furry accessory that sits on your couch. That begs the question, is a cat considered a pet?

In our field of work it’s common to read an article or listen to a lecture on ‘pet’ related topics, only to find out that they are only speaking about dogs. You’ll find companies that name themselves Pet ‘something’ and yet don’t offer anything for cats.

On the phone call, my friend said, “Do you think that maybe you just have special cats?” She said this because of how she sees our cats interact with us via social media. They play, jump on us, take kitty-back rides, fetch balls, etc. She thought that cats just lay on the couch and give you the middle finger (her words, not mine). πŸ™‚

Why do you think this is? I often rant about how dog people underestimate cat people and our kitties. Unfortunately, cats are treated as second class citizens in the pet world. Many think they are easy pets, but nothing could be further from the truth for those of us who consider our cats family members.

Is A Cat Considered A Pet?

Our cats are our lives and we consider them family just like dog parents do with their dogs. We spend at least 30-45 minutes preparing their meals twice daily and we make sure they get their exercise. They get their wellness checks at the veterinarians office and we do regular body and dental checks at home. If you checked your phone or camera, I’m sure you’d find a million pictures of your cats. Do you talk to your cats regularly? We do.

To me, this is what any good pet parent does with their pets. They take care of them and insure they stay happy and healthy. They treat them as family because they are family.

So, if a cat isn’t considered a pet, what the heck are they considered? Maybe the only other deserving label we could suggest is royalty – and you know that’s a label all cats would appreciate. πŸ™‚



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