How old is your cat, really?

Have you ever thought about how old your cat would be in human years? So many of us have heard that if you take a dog or cat’s age and multiply it by 7 that gives you their age in human years. Well, that isn’t exactly true. In fact, the first year of your cat’s life is actually equal to 15 human years! The second year you can add another 9 years so at the age of two years old your kitty is equal to 24 years old in human years. Each year after that you can add another 4 years, so a 5 year old cat would be equal to 36 human years.

When our team was trying to figure out how old each of our kitties were, Lindsay mentioned she was a bit sad because her babies were almost considered middle aged. I remember when I brought my Frankie into the vet a few years back and he was probably around 10 or 11 at the time and the vet asked me if I wanted to do a senior blood panel on him. I got very defensive and said, Hey! He is no senior!

Calculate Your Cat’s Age

The general rule of thumb is if a cat is 11 or older he or she is considered a senior and over 14 is considered a super senior. Let’s get real! These are all just numbers, but what determines if your cat is “old” or not?

In my opinion it’s how healthy they are. I have seen many 14 and over cats who look amazing and still are very spunky, healthy and full of life! If you ask me, the way to keep your cat young as long as possible is to be proactive about their health. Feed the best diet you can, don’t over vaccinate and limit their exposure to toxins as much as possible.

Age is just a number and it’s never too late to start being proactive with your cat or kitten’s health. Keep in mind the oldest cat on record died at the age of 38 or 168 in human years!


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