We haven’t met a single human that isn’t a fan of helping to save the earth. But did you know that there are things we can do to help our cats that also helps preserve our world?

It’s true. And it makes sense that the ripple effect of doing something better for our cats’ lives would be better for the earth.

Here are two BIG things that can make a BIG difference:

  1. Clay Litter. Did you know that sodium bentonite is the clumping agent used in clay litter? This is a super absorbent mineral clay – that expands more than 20x its size when wet. The use of clay litter is bad for the earth because it contributes billions of pounds of cement waste in our landfills each year. It’s bad for our cats because the sodium bentonite is inhaled and ingested when our cats groom – leading to respiratory and gastrointestinal issues.
  2. Household cleaners. The environmental impact of popular cleaners is a compound problem. Thousands of cleaning chemicals pollute our water each year. These toxins impact our rivers, streams, and water supplies – and many of these chemicals show up in our food chain. The VOCs (volatile organic compounds) in many products affect air quality – indoor and out. And these cleaning products are often contained in bottles and packaging this is not able to be recycled. Even worse than these chemicals ending up in our air, earth, and water, is in our cats’ bloodstreams. Everything we use on our floors, countertops, in the air and in our bathrooms is absorbed by our cats. They breathe it in, absorb it through their skin, paw pads, and ingest it when they bathe. This toxic build-up in our cats’ bodies and bloodstreams leads to cancers, diseases, and untimely death.

So – kick the clay litter. Transition your cat to natural litter – like wood, paper, coconut, or yucca. And go check out your household cleaners. You might be surprised at the amount of toxins and chemicals your family is being exposed to. Switch these out for green cleaners – and click here for our favorite, cheap, DIY cleaner! It’s never too late to do our best to save our earth – and our cats!



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