Currently there are several natural disasters happening around the country. Hurricanes are hitting the east coast and fires are destroying the west. Many people are having to evacuate their homes quickly with their pets. This is a good time to have an emergency kit for your cat on the ready.

Sometimes these types of disasters can be predicted, but that’s not true in every case. We can never be forewarned if our house catches fire. Domestic violence situations are also not easy to foresee in advance. It’s important that we be proactive and prepare for the unknown, and emergency kits are an easy way to make sure our kitties are taken care of in an emergency.

What to put in an emergency kit for your cats

Red Rover has a full list of emergency items to have in your kit, but below we are listing the essentials from our experience. Be sure to include what is needed for each of your kitties individually, as items may vary from cat to cat.

  1. Cat Food. Canned food is good for this, but be sure to rotate the cans based on the expiration date. Smaller cans are better, in case you don’t have access to a fridge. A weeks worth of canned food for your clowder should be plenty.
  2. Water. We keep a 2 gallon spring water bottle in our supply, but stash at least a week’s supply of water for the whole family.
  3. Litter and box. We preach about making sure the litter box is the right size, however, in an emergency you just need what you can handle. Keep a bag of litter, a scoop and a box in the emergency kit for your cats.
  4. Carrier. Obviously this is important for transportation, but keeping your cat carrier out in the open really helps your cat get used to it so transporting them quickly will be less stressful. Make sure it’s easily accessible.
  5. Calming supplements. An emergency situation will be stressful for you but it will also be stressful for your kitties. Keep a calming supplement on hand to help take the edge off.
  6. Medications and first aid kit. If your kitty relies on certain medications, make sure not to forget this in your emergency kit and always have a first aid kit on hand in case of injury during evacuation. We always keep Meow Mist handy, as it will help cuts, scratches and burns immediately.
  7. Comfort Items. If your cat has a favorite blanket or toy, these are good items to grab for comfort during the emergency situation.

While we all hope that we never find ourselves in a situation where we and are pets have to evacuate the home quickly, there is always a possibility. Being prepared for such an event will make the situation a tad bit easier for all.


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