If you’ve ever wondered if cats have an Adam’s apple, you’re in the right place. Maybe you’ve just wondered if the little lump you feel on your cat’s throat is something to worry about. You are also in the right place.

I’ll spare you the suspense. Yes. Cat’s have an Adam’s apple. Humans aren’t the only species with this special little bump. In facts, dogs have them too. And probably other animals – but that will be research for another day.

The Cat’s Adam’s Apple

Back to cats. Yes – while you may not have noticed it (or ever even wondered), your cat has an Adam’s Apple. And yes, just as with human males, male felines have a larger Adam’s Apple than female felines. Go figure. It’s part of their voice box (just like us) and as cats grow from teeny kittens, the Adam’s apple also grows. This is why some cat parents are concerned when they find a small bump on their cat’s throat that they didn’t previously feel.

Shout out to all cat parents that have already noticed this little bump. It’s so important for us to be paying attention to changes (however small they may seem) when it comes to our kitties. Until they learn to talk (which I think we can all agree would be a helpful development), we have to rely on keen observations to catch any issues that may be developing.

A word of awareness here: Hyperthyroidism in cats is becoming an epidemic. If you are concerned that the little bump on your cat’s throat is growing, please get it checked.



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