A regular wellness exam for cats is very important. Since our kitties are stoic beings, getting them checked by a veterinarian at least once yearly will help catch health issues, hopefully before they escalate. However, we want to be sure they are safe and healthy in the meantime. A simple regular check at home can help us know if there’s anything wrong with our cats.

How To Do An At Home Wellness Exam For Cats

  • Once or twice a month do a full rub down of your cat to check for lumps and bumps. This is easiest if you do it while they are being lazy or sleepy. Stay calm and treat it as a massage for your cat. Push with your hands into the belly area to be sure the organs aren’t tender. Feel all around your cat’s body to be sure there are no lumps appearing. If you feel lumps or bumps, call your vet.
  • While rubbing their body, pull the fur aside and check for rashes or matted hair. Long-haired kitties can get mat sores on their skin if the mats develop and are unattended. If there’s a rash on the skin you will want to tend to it immediately with a topical solution for kitties.
  • Gently pull their legs outward to check for any pain or stiffness. Older cats tend to lay around and sleep more often, and this can cause joint stiffness. If you notice slight irritation in the joints, try gently massaging the legs and get your kitty on a healthy joint supplement immediately.
  • Weigh your cat regularly. You can do this by stepping on the scale to get your weight and then pick up your kitty and step back on the scale. Then do the math. Cats should not lose weight too quickly, so be sure to do this at least once per month.

Being proactive about our cat’s health doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. To be sure your indoor kitties stay safe and healthy in between annual or bi-annual checkups at the vet, do this at home wellness exam for cats!


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