There’s a lot of myth and mystery surrounding black cats – but what are the facts?

Just over four years ago, we welcomed our first house panthers. This was our first real experience with people asking us about all the stereotypes surrounds black cats. We knew statistically that these cats were harder to adopt out – which was partly why these two kitties were coming to live with us.

What we didn’t expect were some of the questions we got about giving these two their forever home. Didn’t we know we would never be able to get a good picture of them? Aren’t we worried about having double the ‘bad luck’ walking around our house everyday? And this question might have been the worst: Didn’t they have any ‘prettier cats to get’?

It’s no wonder that the RSPCA has reported that 70% of the abandoned cats in their facilities are black. However – it’s worth mentioning that black fur comes from a dominant gene – so it stands to reason there are more black cats that need adoption too!

And here are some other black cat facts:

It’s estimated that there are 22 breeds of cats that can be all black. Bombay cats are (for example) always all black.

The dominant gene that causes black fur is slightly more common in male cats.

A cat’s all black fur can ‘rust’ in sunlight – turning it a brownish/red color.

Most all black cats have yellow eyes.

Black cats get to enjoy celebrating two holidays: Back Cat Appreciation Day on August 17th – and National Black Cat Day on October 27th.

And perhaps the best fact we’ve learned is that black cats are some of the most outgoing, friendly and affectionate cats on the planet. We’ve found this to be very true. Twice over.

If you are considering adding to your family, don’t overlook these incredible mini panthers. You may find – as we did – that they will steal your heart and never give it back.



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