Can you believe it? We’re adopting kittens! And not just any kittens, but two beautiful, all-black babies born of a semi-feral mother.

We’re super excited. And nervous. And a little scared.

We haven’t had kittens in our home since 2004 – and we did everything wrong back in the day. We want to be sure that we do things right this time – and offer the absolute best life to these beautiful little souls. When you’re able to start being a proactive cat parent from kittenhood there’s a good chance that these lovelies will live forever. That’s the plan, at least.

We're Adopting Kittens!

Meet Zorro

We're Adopting Kittens!

Meet Girl Friday













Why we’re adopting kittens

We haven’t been looking to adopt any new family members for fear of upsetting our current clowder of special-needs cats that we love so deeply. But sometimes life just brings you a fairy-tale (or furry-tail). And that’s what happened.

We have such amazing customers and followers with hearts of gold… One of our beautiful clients, Mrs. P of IL, has been caring for a female feral cat outside her home for a couple years now. A few months ago, Mrs. P noticed Ms. Feral was preggos. Imagine that…

Mrs. P is a member of our VIP membership group and was able to film and share the majority of all the kitties being born – on Good Friday. We watched in amazement as these precious lives were being brought into the world.

Mrs. P already has a full fur family and isn’t able to keep the kittens – so she was going to try and find them homes as soon as they were weaned from Momma cat…

Re-enter Mrs. V.

Remember the story about Animal Control being called on Mrs. V for feeding raw? Well, this woman is a rock star (in our opinion) and we’re her biggest fans for the way she raises and loves her many animals.

Mrs. V just so happens to be taking a cross country trip around the time that the kittens will be old enough to leave the nest, so she offered to drive out of her way, pick up the kittens, and bring them to us in Vegas – if we would adopt them.

Seriously? How can we say no to that?

So here we are, a couple weeks away from adopting kittens! We have gutted our guest room and we’re building trees, toys, safe spaces, etc. for their arrival. We’ve already studied all the ‘best’ way to introduce new cats into our home, but we’re feverishly researching the best ways to care for them and keep them healthy – furever.

Follow our journey – we’ll be documenting everything through social media. And please… if you have ANY kitten tips for us at all – comment with them below!



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