There’s much debate coming from the pet world regarding our role as their guardians. I recently watched an interview with someone who explained how legally we are seen as cat owners because the law doesn’t put animals into the human category. What do you think? Do you consider yourself a cat owner or a cat parent?

Just asking someone this question can cause an emotional debate or a friendly conversation. We all understand that cats are not humans, but does that negate them from having human parents? In the eye of the law it does. Many people resonate with the term ‘owner’ because it helps them feel like the cat is theirs.

But that just isn’t so in our home. Our cats aren’t ours. We are theirs. They own us. However, we have the privilege of being able to care for them and keep them healthy and alive. That’s the main reason we consider ourselves cat parents.

Plus, it just feels better. I love that our house has toys laying around for me to pick up all the time. I love that we have little souls that need us for food, shelter, love and companionship. Our cats are our family.

We own our cars and we own our house. We own our clothes and gadgets inside the home. Owning our cats, however? Not so much. Like I said… they own us.

Comment below and let us know what you think. We respect everyone’s viewpoint. It’s really only linguistics after all. 🙂



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