Quiz: Are You A Proactive Or Reactive Cat Parent?

Are you a proactive or reactive cat parent?

Here’s the truth: We spent many years being mostly reactive cat parents. Now we strive daily to be more proactive. Are you reactive or proactive? Take the quiz below to see your score!

Are You A Proactive Or Reactive Cat Parent?

Please choose from the options below…

  • If you scored 4-6, you’re a proactive cat parent.
  • If you scored 0-3 you’re more of a reactive cat parent.

Proactive Cat Parent: A cat parent that takes preventative measures to ensure their kitties stay happy and healthy.

Reactive Cat Parent: A cat parent that waits until their kitties have health issues before taking action.

Don’t fret! If you scored as a reactive cat parent, you can use this list to start being more proactive!

The point of this quiz is to help us evaluate some of the things we can do to help our kitties live long, healthy, happy lives. There are many, many things we can do to be proactive cat parents, but these are some of the most powerful ways we’ve found to help keep our cats healthy.

Because cats instinctively mask their pain, it’s really important that we take proactive steps in prevention of feline disease. This is especially important for those of us with multiple cats in our home – because prevention is much less costly than the vet bills that can ensue from not being proactive. More importantly, being proactive will help save you from the heartache we’ve felt – realizing there is suffering that could have been avoided. Both lessons we learned the very hard, painful way.

So – if you aren’t happy with your test results, try improving your score by picking one of the above items and taking action today. Small changes overtime make a huge difference towards helping our cats live the long and healthy lives they deserve!

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