A cat’s tail tells a story if you pay attention. Each of our 6 kitties have different tail structures and move them differently as well. Here are 5 fun facts that you might not have known about your kitty’s tail.

  1. About 10% of your cat’s bones are located in her tail. Now, obviously this isn’t the case for cats with bobtails or certain breeds of kitties like the Manx, but it’s interesting to know how important a cat’s tail is to her body.
  2. One of the things cats use their tails for is communication. They primarily use this body language to communicate with both you and other animals. When scared, you’ll notice that your cat’s tail tends to puff up… this is their way of communicating fear. Kitties will put their tail in the air around other cats as an invitation for cats to smell them. It’s so interesting to watch our black cats talk to us with their tails. We believe they are Egyptian Siamese kitties and their tails sway so smoothly when they’re happy. You can read online for all the different ways that cats communicate with their tails.
  3. Another reason for the tail is balance. When attacking prey, the tail helps them balance a precise pounce and it’s also helpful when they are walking on narrow spaces like a stair railing.
  4. Did you know that domestic cats are the only feline that can hold it’s tail vertically while walking? Our girl, Madison, walks with her tail straight up all the time and we think it’s adorable. Big cats in the wild actually walk with their tails either tucked between their legs or held out horizontally!
  5. Tail injuries suck for cats. Along with that 10% of bone, their are nerves in the tail that affect the muscles as well and can mess up their balance while using the litter box. Never pull on your cat’s tail, as it can create nerve damage that is sometimes permanent.


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