There are so many benefits to offering our indoor cats organic grass to chew or eat. You can purchase cat grass at most pet stores and bring it home as a healthy treat for your kitties, however, caring for cat grass is sometimes difficult. In this article we’ll give you 3 easy tips on how to make your cat’s grass last longer – saving you money and time.

We used to buy organic cat grass at the pet store about twice a month. We’d bring it home and put it on the floor for our kitties to enjoy at their leisure. 3-4 days later it would wilted and look pretty dead… plus, the cats were no longer interested. So in the trash it went and our clowder didn’t see grass again until we made another trip to the pet store. .

Now that we’ve learned more about caring for cat grass, these containers with pre-grown grass last MONTHS. And, our cats enjoy always having healthy, delicious grass available.

Here are the top 3 easy peasy tips for caring for your cat’s grass:

  1. Store it in the fridge: If you’re like us, you purchase things in bulk. When you get extra grass, store it in the refrigerator. We rarely even remember to water the grass in the fridge, and it’s good for 2+ months. This also works if you just put it in the fridge when your cat isn’t snacking on it anymore.
  2. Trim the grass: Give your cat grass and little ‘mow’ to keep it fresh. When our grass starts to get too long and hang, we trim it down with scissors. Our cats love the smell and taste after a trim. 🙂
  3. Water it: I know this one seems like a no-brainer, but it’s easy to forget – so make is simple. Place the grass on a shallow tray – it doesn’t have to be fancy, we just use the lid from an aluminum roaster. A few times a week I just put a little water in the bottom of the tray and let the grass soak it up. Doing it this way also prevents the grass from molding.

See? Easy. Peasy.

Want to know more about the benefits of organic cat grass? Watch this:



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