Cat grass is often associated with cats throwing up. But it can also be great for their environmental enrichment. So is cat grass good or bad?

As with most things related to cats, much of this answer will be determined by your individual cat. But there are a few things to consider generally before even exploring if grasses are good or bad for your cat.

First – just as with anything we are going to allow into our cat’s bodies, it’s important to know the source. Not all grass is created equal. Grasses that have been treated with weedkillers, pesticides or other chemicals are not good for our cats. At all.

Safety First

To stay on the safe side, it’s best to purchase grass grown specifically for cats. Better yet, you can grow your own. This way you can best ensure it is organic, non-GMO, and completely safe for your kitties to explore.

The stereotype of cats throwing up every time they eat grass may make you think it must be bad for them – but that’s not exactly true. Organic grass helps aid in digestion and provides beneficial nutrients – like vitamins A & D, folic acid, chlorophyll, trace minerals and fiber.

Beyond these benefits, providing your cats the opportunity to munch these greens is also a great form of environmental enrichment. In fact there are many greens you can safely add to their environment. Fresh flowers – like roses and snap dragons – can also provide some safe and colorful enriching accents around your home.

So what could be bad about organic grass grown specifically for cats? It’s possible your kitty may enjoy it so much, they overindulge. Start small. You can buy small pots of cat grass – and if you grow your own, start by just planting a handful of seeds. And then, let your cat let you know what they think about it!




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