It sounds bad, I know. But it’s not what you think! I just find myself calling our small cat toys “cat balls”… Thus the name for this week’s episode. 🙂

SO – This week we played a little game where we put ‘cat balls’ in our mouths and tried to sing songs and say tongue twisters. Sounds crazy? Well, we ARE the Two Crazy Cat Ladies!

As you can see, Adrienne has a smaller mouth and couldn’t fit the cat balls all the way in. Therefore, she was much better at annunciation than I. Either way – it was a lot of silly fun for these crazy cat ladies!

Fun Feline Fact Of The Week:

Adrienne learned that crazy cat ladies are actually known as “Ailurophiles,” which is the Greek translation of “cat lovers.” I like it. Ailurophiles flows well. 🙂

And I learned of a cat named Dusty who had OVER 420 kittens in her lifetime. That’s Four Hundred and Twenty! Poor little pussy. 😉 She still holds the world record for birthing the most kittens, so good for her.

Cat BallsDusty-Cat2And that lead us into our weekly Join In, which was from a lovely lady named Tawnee with an adorable cat named Dusty that just showed up at her door one day. Just a boy, standing in front of a girl, asking her to love him. And they lived happily ever after. 🙂 Here are a few pics of the precious Dusty.

Favorite Moment Of The Week:

My favorite moment of the week was getting to spend time with my mother and grandmother on Mother’s Day. I know that everyone thinks that they have the best mother in the world, and I’m no different, but my mama is truly one of a kind. We once worked for the same firm for several years. When I was wrongfully let go of that job, my mom didn’t even bat an eye – she said, “if you’re going to treat my daughter like that then I’m gone too”. And left. With no income, no way to pay her mortgage, no backup plan. She’s got my back through thick and thin and I am so proud to call her my mother.

Adrienne’s favorite moment was when we FINISHED our ‘juice cleanse’. In our last YouTube episode she mentioned watching “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” and how we were going to take a 3 day juice challenge. And we nearly died. It was rough, but finishing it felt amazing and we are glad to now have juicing as part of our routine. 🙂

Cat Tip Of The Week:

Check the ingredients in your cat food bag. Cats weren’t made to digest grains and/or carbohydrates of any kind – so if you have corn, wheat or soy in your first 10 ingredients….it’s time to find a new cat food. Keep your cat healthy by giving them the nutrients that they require to have not just life – but a quality life.

So have some fun with cat balls, put them in your mouth and sing songs. You won’t regret it (probably). And, as always, keep your babies healthy and happy!



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