Today’s segment covers haircuts, nail tips, a cameo from our purr-happy Mr. Bittles, an encouraging Healthy cat tip of the day and the announcement of our product launch! Check it out and read below for a full recap!

One of my best friends (and new Facebook follower) asked if we had any tips for trimming cat claws. The answer we give in the video is a bit tongue in cheek… but after years of attempting this feat, we have two suggestions: One is to wrap Mr. Rambunctious in a towel (so as to keep from being shredded by his kicking talons) and then try to pull out each paw – one by one – and clip the nails. This is done by gently squeezing the paw to expose the claws. I know from experience that this technique can be an arduous and time consuming task… The other option requires a third hand (or team mate). It’s called the Buddha Hold… simply lift your cat by the ruff of his neck (this does not hurt him) and cradle his hind quarters in your other hand. Then, with your third hand (or team mate) take each paw and clip the nails. If you decided to try either option in lieu of a trained cat handler (groomer), I have two words for you… Good Luck.

As mentioned above, our Mr. Bittles makes a special appearance this week… it’s just a few short, sweet seconds, but if you listen closely you can hear his characteristic motorboat purr. My favorite.

Healthy Cat Tip of the Day

Earlier this week we shared a blog on the topic of feline leukemia… we also shared our own heartbreaking experience with this frightening diagnosis. FeLV is a virus – not a cancer – and it is possible for a cat that has been diagnosed with this illness to still live a long and healthy life. Good nutrition is key and nutritional supplements are a big help – by fighting the virus at its source and supporting a strong immune system.

After losing our Tigee to this awful virus, we were motivated to learn all we could about FeLV – tons of research, hours of study – and we want to share everything we’ve learned with the intention of saving all the cats we can… and hopefully countless cat parents from the heartache we experienced.

Next week we launch a full line of nutritional supplements for cats… including a special program and cat kit for FeLV positive felines. We hope you’ll help us spread the word!

In closing, I would like to point out that Jae’s impressive southern accent (used in the wrap-up) is actually not an accent at all, but her true dialect. Born in Arkansas and raised in Tennessee, Jae has slowly acquired and now employs a standard American accent… but let us never forget our origins. Show those roots Girl!


Natural Support for FeLV


FeLeuk Kit for Cats




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