Last weekend, good friends of ours introduced us to a funny and uncomfortable SNL skit – and we couldn’t resist paying homage to their fine choice of content… I’ll be honest – I think I’ve found my new ‘do’. I’ve always wanted curly hair. As fond as I am of my own appearance, I think we can all agree that Jae needs to stay away from the mullet – but perhaps she can keep the bangs. They are beautiful.

In addition, I am very excited to share that three of our four boys show their sweet selves in this week’s very special episode – and our Pooh Bear even makes a entertaining interview appearance. We admit – showing off our boys is truly one of our most favorite things! We hope you enjoy them almost as much as we do. 🙂


In this week’s edition of Cats Galore we also cover the anatomy of a wine glass – if anyone happens to know the purpose behind the long stem on a wine glass, please let me know. I feel it is dangerous (easy to knock over, break the glass and wastes the wine) and unnecessary. I would like to know why they must exist… until then, I will continue to enjoy this libation from my whiskey glass.

Healthy Cat Tip of the Day

Urinary tract infections and bladder issues are the number one reasons cats visit the vet. These problems are mainly caused by dehydration – most usually because of a water depleted diet. The good news is that UTI issues can be easily avoided with the right diet – and the right diet required wet food (or raw) – not kibble. Cats get the majority of their water from their diet – not their water bowl or your toilet. ‘Dry food’ only contains 5-10% water, whereas wet food contains 65-80% water.

Many years ago, we confess to the bulk purchase of Meow Mix to sustain our many felines… and yes, the transition can be difficult – but it is possible and necessary for good overall health. In the coming weeks, we’ll share more on this issue and our personal experience with the tricks we’ve found for finicky felines.


Best Product for UTI Issues


Urinary Tract Support Kit



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