There are plenty of studies about the difference between dog and cat people, but results tend to be inconclusive – and not all that scientific. One study may show that cat people are antisocial, while another demonstrates that famous cats have taken over the world – or at least social media. And wouldn’t that make (at least) some cat people social?

Regardless of all the “research”, we feel steadfast in our belief that cat all cat people are awesome. And from the studies we’ve read, here are the top 5 reasons cat lovers rock.

Why Cat People Are Awesome

  1. Cat people are smart. Of all the research I’ve read, one of my favorites is a quote from Wikipedia. It says “Cat people… score higher on intelligence tests than dog lovers.” This makes total sense. I mean, everyone knows that cats are smarter than dogs so why wouldn’t their humans be the same?
  2. Cat people are creative. Almost every study came up with this result. We don’t have to go buy fancy things – we just make them instead! Cat lovers are the ones who sew blankets for their friends and write music, poetry or books in our spare time. We have creative minds and sometimes come up with the most beautifully unique ideas.
  3. Cat people are independent. Have you ever noticed that your friends with dogs tend to need attention? Not cat people. We are just fine on our own – and we have thick skin. Just like our cats, we are not phased when someone takes a swat at us. Usually. 🙂
  4. Cat people are problem solvers. Just look at numbers 1 & 2 above. Smart, creative people are the best when you have a problem. We solve them.
  5. Cat people are open and loving. This is one of my favorite things about cat lovers. You’ll see a lot of hostility online when searching through dog groups on social media. Not in the cat groups though! If you do see negativity we think its a good bet that the culprit isn’t a true cat person. Just go to your local cat cafe or  and see how warm and invited you feel the second you walk in the door!

Studies aside, we truly believe that cat lovers are awesome people and we should stick together. Why? Because, other than the fact that we’re awesome humans – and awesome people should always unite – we can also lean on each other. Cats require a lot more attention than the average dog person believes – and we need to help each other in times of need. Attend the next cat charity event in your town or volunteer for a few hours at a local feline rescue to find more of “our kind”.

While we love all dogs and cats, we’re proud to be classified as cat people. 🙂



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