Have you ever wondered if there really is a difference between cat people and dog people? Well, in honor of International Cat Day, Facebook did a study of 160,000 Americans who post pictures of dogs and cats on their pages. They wanted to understand the social characteristics of pet parents. Turns out, they found some interesting social patterns between cat people and dog people. As crazy cat ladies, we suspected as much – and would like to share their findings with all of you. Along with some commentary of our own, of course. 🙂

The Difference Between Cat People and Dog People

1. Dog People Have More Friends

Measured in terms of Facebook friends, dog people have an average of 26 more friends than cat people. One would think that this makes dog people more ‘social‘, but I think differently. I think cat people are just more particular about who they allow as a Facebook friend. Seems dog people will add anyone who sends a friend request. To prove my point (that cat people are just as social), the results also tell us that cat people get invited to more events than dog people.

Do we always attend these events? No. We’d rather stay home with our cats, as they are much more entertaining than most people. Nonetheless, we get invited.

2. Cat People Are More Likely To Be Single

Based on the profile relationship status, cat people are more likely to be single than dog people. This has nothing to do with gender or age. Whether young or old, man or woman – ALL cat people in their study were more likely to be single according to the results.

A big difference between cat people and dog people is that cat people are more independent. This is true to several different studies done on this subject. So cat people don’t need relationships to feel good about our lives. Or maybe it’s because our cats are enough. Maybe it’s just that we don’t feel the need to update our relationship status on Facebook. Or… maybe it proves another point I made earlier – why cats are better than dogs.

Cats are better than dogs

3. Television Shows, Movies and Books

Facebook says, “Cat people seem to have more indoor activities: They disproportionately like books, TV, and movies (measured in terms of Facebook Page likes). And cat people are especially fond of fantasy, sci-fi and anime, while dog people like love stories and things about, well, dogs.”

This was strange news to us. We admittedly don’t watch much TV or movies, but we do read a lot (usually outside on the porch though). I haven’t read one of the books that are popular among cat people. I’m sorry fellow crazy cat people! Scold me in the comments below. 😉

4. Cat People Don’t Discriminate

The study also found that a big difference between cat people and dog people is who they befriend. Cat people like animal lovers and have more ‘dog people friends’ than dog people have ‘cat people friends’. While we may be partial to our feline friends over canines, we don’t discriminate against anyone who loves animals. We’ve always felt that you can tell a lot about a person by the way they treat and speak about animals – all animals. Even though we are proud to be the Two Crazy Cat Ladies, we really do love dogs too – and we accept their people – as all fabulous cat people do. 🙂

In the end, there really isn’t much that truly separates us – but maybe us cat people can help dog people realize we no longer live in a dog eat dog world. There is no need to discriminate or judge – though I may not add you on Facebook anyway.




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