Spay And Neuter Recovery Tips For Cats

Being prepared for a healthy spay and neuter recovery is just as important as the procedure itself. Every cat is an individual and recovery times will vary by gender and overall health. It’s also important to consider (when possible) the best age to spay or...

How To Help A Fat Cat

We know from experience that it can seem daunting to help a fat cat. We know their health is compromised and their lives are shortened by every extra pound they lug around. The same is true for us humans. And just as with us humans, obesity is an epidemic for our...

How To Care For A Senior Cat

When someone makes the decision to adopt and care for a senior cat it melts our hearts. So often these sweet souls are at the end of the adoption line  – and we all know what that means. Those with hearts big enough to adopt a senior cat know it can also mean...
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