We usually write our blogs on cat health and happiness – but this one’s going to be a bit different. Our motto is to “learn, share and grow” so we like to share cat tips that can help you help your cats live longer and healthier lives… normally. That being said, this is for all those beautiful cat moms out there who, like us, sometimes doubt themselves. And if you’re a cat dad who needs to hear this too, great. 🙂

This Is For All Cat Moms

Almost every day we have women reach out to us because they think they’re failing as a cat mom. It’s easy to blame ourselves when something goes wrong with our kitties. It’s not, however, easy to forgive ourselves.

So this goes out to all of you cat moms out there who need to hear this today

  • To the cat mom who didn’t scoop the litter so your kitty peed outside the box
  • To the ones who got too busy in life and forgot to remember to play with the cats, so now they sleep a lot
  • To the kitty mom that stepped on your cat’s foot because you were distracted by something else
  • To the cat lover that rescued a cat even though you can’t afford another one
  • To the cat mom who got stuck on the couch with feline paralysis and missed an important event
  • To the cat parents who’ve yelled at their kitties and scared the crap out of them
  • To the cat moms that can’t afford the best quality cat foods
  • To the ones that couldn’t make the bed because the cats wouldn’t move
  • To the one who sometimes ignores the bad behavior instead of correcting it
  • To the kitty parent that can’t afford the vet visit that you think he needs
  • To the cat mom who didn’t notice that your kitty was in pain until it was too late…

It’s okay. We’ve all been there. Your cat forgives you. Your cat doesn’t judge you. Your cat loves you just the way you are.

You’re a great cat mom. 

Being a cat parent can be exhausting – and scary – sometimes. People think cats are easy pets, but they’re not. Not when you love them with your whole heart. We all want to do the best by our cats, but here’s the thing… your cat loves you even if your ‘best‘ isn’t always the best.



Big Hug To All The Cat Moms

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