Let’s be real. If you’re reading this you likely agree that there’s no such thing as too many cats… What’s that old saying about having too much of a good thing? And what in this world is better than these little Loves? Ok – but – someties we need to be real. Sometimes we need to evaluate the number of cats we can properly care for. These numbers will vary widely depending on individual circumstances.

We wish we had the finances to build a cat sanctuary on our property and save hundreds of kitties’ lives. It’s a dream of ours – and maybe one day it will happen – but until then we must refrain from exceeding our cat-limit.

We’ve all seen the videos showing the sad nature of a cat hoarding situation and felt sorrowful for the kitties. We feel this sadness because we know that the cats in these situations are being neglected and deserve a better life. But what exactly is a better life for cats?

That’s a question that only the cat parent can answer. Really.

You see, we currently have 5 cats in our home and because of our financial situation, we’re at our max. We believe in feeding a species appropriate diet to our cats and making sure they get their yearly or bi-yearly blood tests and dental exams. It’s also important that we have an emergency savings fund in case something bad were to happen with our cats. For us, that means we currently aren’t able to add another kitty to our home without jeopardizing our ability to care for our current cats.

But that’s our definition of care in our home. Your definition might be different… and that’s fine! We deeply appreciate those who take in and care for several kitties – because otherwise they may be suffering and alone on the streets. We need people like you. They need people like you.

So continue to do your best with the kitties that own you and don’t let the phrase ‘too many cats’ scare you. Just pay attention to how many felines you’re feasibly able to care for – and maybe use the rest of your energy helping a TNR or shelter program in your community!


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