What a week it has been! Our sweet kitty, Madison Grace, had surgery last week and we’ve learned new things about post surgery care for our cats. While cats have a reputation for being resilient, it’s important to realize they need the same kind of post surgery care that we humans do. If you’ve ever gone under the knife, you know even a minor operation can be take some time for a full recovery.

So, Maddie had her spay last week – and we opted for the Ovariohysterectomy this time. The holistic vet did not require a rabies vaccine for this procedure, so we chose this option as her immune system is still not ready for vaccines. But she was also nearing her first heat – and we couldn’t risk her brother getting her preggers. That said, the vet said that the healing process for her spay should take 10-14 days.

Here’s what we’ve learned about post surgery care for Madison that we want to share with you.

  1. Check the incision spot twice a day. We were checking this daily and on day 4 we noticed that her incision spot was looking a bit inflamed. We contacted the vet and it turns out that she’s one of the rare cats whose body is rejecting the sutures. If we weren’t paying attention, this issue could have escalated without follow-up care.
  2. Limit movement. This is the hardest part for us, but if your kitty has had surgery they will need time to heal – even if they are trying to act like they don’t. Try to designate a recovery space or room for your little one. We removed the bed frame and cat tree from her room (our guest bedroom) to keep her from jumping or playing too hard. Cats want to run and play, but we have to be diligent during recovery time to avoid injury to the surgery site – that could result in even longer healing time.
  3. Use natural supplements and pain relievers to speed up healing. Maddie has always been given supplements in her meals, but she’s getting a double dosage of antioxidants to strengthen her immune system strong and heal faster. We’re also giving her arnica for pain. Since cats mask pain, it’s hard to tell if she’s hurting or not. That’s why natural alternatives are recommended. If she’s actually not in pain then it won’t hurt her and there are no side effects.

So if your kitty is recovering from a surgical procedure, make sure to stay attentive and keep them as calm, happy and healthy as possible!


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