Spiders, ants and scorpions OH MY! No one wants these creepy crawlers in our home but would you put your cat’s health in jeopardy to rid your home of these pesky pests? Chemical pesticides can affect your cat’s health and not in a good way. Do you have a pest control safe for cats? Even many so-called “pet safe” pesticides are made with harsh chemicals that you don’t want your cats licking or breathing in. But we all know that our feline friends use their noses to explore and can end up inhaling, absorbing and ingesting these nasty chemicals.

I don’t know about you but I am bug-a-phobe. I get the heebie-jeebies if I just see a spider! A little over a year ago we moved to Arizona and there are SCORPIONS out here. The first month we were here one was in our bedroom. I told my husband we are going to have to move. Well, we didn’t move but we did find a safe and effective way to keep all bugs away and out of our home.

Pest Control Safe For Cats

Since I am such a bugaphobe we go to extremes to keep the bugs away but are very careful so we don’t hurt any of our pets. We want pest control safe for cats! What we do is use different products for inside the house and outside. We love our Flea-eX, it’s excellent for repelling not only fleas but many other bugs too. We like to use this inside the house where our cats hang out.

The outside of the house is a bigger area so we do a two step process to keep the bugs away. First we combine in a gallon size garden sprayer, we got from Amazon, a 50/50 solution of water and white vinegar. In addition to the vinegar and water we like to mix in some safe essential oils that repel bugs. If you know your cat will be in contact with the essential oils we suggest using animalEO essential oils that are made by a vet and are pet friendly. We will spray the entire perimeter of the outside of the house with this solution.

We follow this process up with a good application of diatomaceous earth (DE). When using DE, you want to be sure to get the food-grade kind. It’s completely safe if ingested however, you do not want to breath it in or have your beloved pets breath it in. So when applying it you don’t want to do it on a windy day and wear a mask if you use a powder duster to spread it.

That’s it! I’m happy to say that by using these all natural and safe pest controls we are bug free which makes me and my pets happy campers!


For An Easy Way To Keep The Bugs Out Of The House


Flea-eX for Cats



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