Did you know that cats shouldn’t shed their fur all the time? If you find your cat shedding lots of fur – all year round – this blog’s for you.

Cats shed. It’s a thing. But your home doesn’t have to be covered in cat hair all the time, making you look like a clinical crazy cat lady. Cats actually shouldn’t shed constantly or excessively.

How’s your cat’s hair quality?

Here’s the thing. The health of a cat’s hair follicle is directly related to the overall health of the cat. Healthy cats don’t shed excessively because their coats (and hair follicles) are strong.

If you feed your cat from a bag or a can, they’re missing a very important ingredient that supports their coat and overall health. That ingredient is enzymes. Enzymes are very sensitive to heat, so they’re destroyed when cooked. All processed food is cooked, and therefore missing this key piece of the healthy puzzle.

We’ve seen a huge decrease in shedding at our home (with 5 cats) since switching our kitties to a fresh food diet – and adding in extra enzymes to each meal. Three of our five cats have long, easily matted hair and our home doesn’t look like a crazy cat lady abode anymore – even though it still technically is. 😉

When cat shedding decreases, the amount of hairballs they cough up also decreases. We maybe see one hairball every 4 or 5 months now. This is because they get these healthful enzymes from their fresh food and supplementation. They have healthier coats and we have a healthier looking home. 🙂

It’s amazing how small changes can make a big difference. Consider your kitty’s diet if you have a home full of cat hair. Making a few simple changes for the better can really decrease your cat’s shedding and even  help extend their lives!


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