At long last, our precious and most elusive Pooh Bear makes his first appearance!! It’s been a long time coming and, as you will see, we’re still working on his comfort level – but this week has been a major breakthrough on the two year journey to blend him into our family.

It today’s episode, we take a deeper look at what defines a ‘crazy cat lady’. After years of being told we were both totally nuts about cats, we were surprised to be asked what actually qualifies us as the two crazy cat ladies. Herein we share our clinical research and expose a few of our personal feelings on the topic. We also discovered how important a dictionary can be while uncovering these downright medical definitions of our ‘breed’ of people. Fascinating, to be sure…

Healthy Cat Tip of the Day

Today’s healthy cat tip of the day is inspired by our sweet Pooh Boy… a little extra love, attention, reassurance and patience can go a long way in acclimating a scared or territorial new cat member. While each of our cats required a unique transitional period when being introduced to their new home, none were more difficult than Pooh Bear – he has a history of bad relationships with other cats in addition to being very territorial. He weighs in just under 20 pounds, making him quite the imposing fuzz bundle to handle.

After hours and hours of research and consultations, trying every cat trick in the book, it turns out that simple time and attention is finally bringing him out of his protective shell… It’s not all rainbows and unicorns just yet (as evidenced by his short cameo), but we are very grateful for this breakthrough and will be keeping you posted on his progress.





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