Summer is here and it’s HOT outside! Air conditioners are going out left and right because they are overworking themselves in this heat. We know what to do to cool ourselves off if need be, but if your cat gets too hot it can be dangerous.

Cats can overheat too. Some signs that your cat may be too hot are panting, restlessness, vocalizing, rapid heartbeat and lethargy. If your kitty is exposed to extreme heat, here are some tips on how to help her cool down.

What To Do If Your Cat Gets Too Hot

  1. Put ice in the water bowl. While room temperature water is best for both people and cats, if your cat’s home is too hot then the water most likely is as well. Adding ice to the water will help cool it down and encourage your kitty to hydrate during extreme heat situations. Hydration is very important, so ice in the water is important. If you have outdoor cats, be sure to put the water dish in the shade, so as to keep the water cooler longer.
  2. Make dark cooler spaces for your cats to go to around the house. If you can put a box in the closet or a dark place in the house, this will be a cool, safe escape for your kitty to go to for peaceful rest. A blue towel or blanket also encourages cooling temperatures according to color therapy.
  3. Wrap frozen items in a towel and place near where your cat sleeps. This is especially helpful for those without air conditioning. In fact, it’s the old school air conditioning style for those of us who didn’t have AC growing up. Freezing water bottles works great for this, as they stay frozen for quite some time.
  4. Use a cool damp cloth and wipe down your kitty if he’s too hot. This is actually a great tip for you too. A cool damp cloth can feel like air conditioning, especially if you have a fan running.

During the summer months we want to do the best we can at keeping our cats comfortable. Even though kitties prefer a warmer temperature than most humans they, too, can get too hot sometimes. Following the above steps will help ensure a happier and healthier cat!



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