Temperatures are rising and summer is upon us. Many cat parents don’t have air conditioning in their home, so how do you keep your cat cool in the heat? Unfortunately we can’t just take them to the pool or put them in the tub with cold water when the heat is too much.

While cats do prefer warmer temperatures, cats can overheat just like humans. Good news is that there are many ways to help cool down your kitty and avoid over-heating. These methods also work for those of you who are caring for stray and feral kitties outside. (Bless your souls)

Tips On Keeping Your Cat Cool In The Summer Heat

  1. Color therapy shows that the color blue helps to reduce body temperature and inflammation. Lay out some blue blankets or towels for your kitties to lay on to help regulate their temperature. You can also put blue objects near them, as simply looking at this color can also help.
  2. Cool, damp clothes can act as a makeshift air conditioning. I learned this when I was in France in the heat of the summer – without AC. I would dampen a towel or rag and rub it on my arms and legs a few times each day. It was amazing how it helped me stay more comfortable. You can do the same with your cats. Take a cool, damp washcloth and rub their fur down a few times each day to keep them comfortable in the heat.
  3. Put some ice in the kitties’ water bowl. Many cats love this, even when it’s not hot outside, but this can really help to reduce internal body heat when they drink cooler water.
  4. Take frozen water bottles, wrap them in a light towel and place it close to where your kitties sleep. This is another makeshift AC that helps a lot.
  5. Get cardboard boxes and place them in the dark areas of your home. Dark areas are cooler and cats love boxes, so it’s a win-win situation!

Do you have any other tips for keeping cats cool in the summer? If so, please share them below!



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