Since cats are such stoic beings, it’s hard to tell when they’re sick. If your cat has a fever you will want to seek the assistance of a veterinarian to determine cause and treatment. Just like humans, a fever can detect infection in the body of our kitties.

We used to think that if our cat’s nose was warm and dry then that’s a sign of fever. Likewise, we worried when our kitties’ ears were warm. As it turns out, these are common misconceptions for cat parents.

Our cats body temperature can vary throughout the day and is often reflected in those warm, moist areas of the body like the nose and ears. Your cat may have a warm and dry nose in the morning and a cool moist nose at night. The ears of our cats are almost always warm.

If your kitty has a fever then you will likely see other symptoms. Loss of appetite, reduced energy levels, vomiting, diarrhea, dehydration or shivering are signs that your cat isn’t feeling well and she may be sick. While it’s true that the inner ear will often be significantly hotter than normal, it’s best to take your kitty’s temperature to determine a fever. If you don’t have a thermometer, consult your veterinarian.

A cat’s temperature runs higher than ours. Their temperature should be between 100.5 and 102 when healthy. Certain situations can make your cat’s temperature rise like being in the sun or under stress. If the temp is high, however, it’s good to get advice from your veterinarian and determine cause.

We all want happy healthy kitties, so it’s important that we pay attention to their daily activities, eating habits, litter box use, etc. Doing this regularly will help us catch problems before they get too bad.



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