Cats are known for being independent and easy to care for. Because of this, many cats are ignored for the majority of the day by their guardians. Paying attention to your cat’s litter and eating habits is important, however, for many reasons. If you watch your cat eat and use the litter box on a regular basis, you’ll be able to catch a large majority of feline ailments before they escalate.

Why You Should Watch Your Cat Eat

Over 96% of domestic cats are fed a dry kibble diet in the form of an all-day-buffet. Laying down food for your cats to graze on whenever they please makes it easy on the guardian. It’s difficult, however, to pay attention to how much and how often your cats eat if you feed this way.

Cats with dental disease, for example, often start eating less and/or struggling to chew. If your feline friend has contracted a stomach virus or disease within the GI tract they will often stop eating all together. Cats who refuse food for more than 2 days are at risk of contracting hepatic lipidosis (fatty liver disease). This can be fatal if not treated immediately, so it’s very important that you watch your cat eat.

Why You Should Watch Your Cat Use The Litter Box

Litter box habits will also help guide a cat parent in the right direction regarding their kitty’s health. Urinary tract infections are the number one reason why cats are brought to the vet. Often times it’s too late to treat non-aggressively and they may need surgery to remove stones. Constipation is also common in cats fed a dry food diet. Stool blockage can mess up a cat’s digestive tract and create irreversible scars. If you pay attention to how much and how often your cat uses the litter box you can avoid unnecessary pain and hefty vet bills.

Because cats are stoic beings and mask their pain well, paying attention to their eating and litter habits is one of the best ways for cat parents to be proactive with their health.



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