Cats with skin issues can be tough to handle sometimes. If you have a cat with seborrhea, there are natural ways to help reduce symptoms.

Feline Seborrhea is a skin condition in which the glands of the skin produce too much lubricant. This causes itchy, flaky, inflamed skin issues and it can either surface as dry or oily seborrhea. Many cats show a combination of both.

There are many causes of seborrhea in cats including allergies, yeast, parasites, hormones, diet and even environment – however, it appears that much of the time the cause is unknown. Being in the holistic animal industry, when we’re faced with an idiopathic (unknown) condition we want to do an evaluation of overall health and lifestyle. Oftentimes we can get to the root of the issue and reduce symptoms naturally.

Healthy tips for cats with skin issues

If you have a cat with seborrhea, the symptoms you may see are excessive dandruff (or skin flaking), excessive scratching, swollen skin and a bad odor. Some compare the odor to a stinky foot and others say it smells like vomit. I guess it depends on your ‘smeller’. LOL.

As with any skin condition, we recommend looking into diet, supplementation and potential toxic exposures for cats with seborrhea.

  • Diet: The health of the hair follicle is directly related to the overall health of your kitty. The food your cat consumes is super important for her overall health, so we recommend feeding a moisture rich, species appropriate diet to cats with this condition.
  • Supplementation: Most cats with skin disorders are not getting adequate essential fatty acids in their diet. Regardless of what you feed, adding in an Omega-3 supplement is important. In addition, we recommend supplementing with CATalyst Antioxidant Enzyme Formula, as it will help support the skin and coat as well as reduce inflammation.
  • Toxic Exposure: We find that cats that have been over-vaccinated or over-medicated tend to be more prone to health issues like this because of the amount of toxins in their bodies – which weakens the immune system and throws their bodies off balance. If your kitty falls into this category, look into natural detoxification protocols to help rid her body of these toxins.

You may need to follow your veterinarian’s advice to relieve symptoms of seborrhea, but following the above tips can help reduce the need for medication and increase overall health and well-being.


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