Annual vet visits for our cats are so important. They can also be stressful, so here’s a basic vet checklist to make the most of your visit!

First! to prepare for your cat’s appointment, make sure they’re comfortable with (or will at least tolerate) car rides!

Annual Vet Visit Checklist:

  1. Complete Physical Exam. Sounds simple enough – but a complete physical includes a lot! This exam will include the vet asking you questions about your cat – so be familiar with litter output, food intake, general behavior/energy level, and mention anything odd you’ve noticed or wondered about. Your vet should also check the following: heart, ears, eyes, nose, mouth/teeth, temp, weight, and an overall check for any lumps and bumps. You should also feel comfortable asking your vet any questions you have about your kitty.
  2. Bloodwork. If your cat is under 10 years old, have your vet run a basic blood panel. If your cat is 10 or older, ask for a senior blood panel. Once our kitties reach the 10 year mark, it’s also recommended schedule vet visits (with exam and bloodwork) every 6 months. A cat’s health can start changing rapidly at this age, and it can be life-saving to have these 6 month check-ups.
  3. Vaccines. We understand that many vets operate under a vaccine protocol – but remember that you are the one that decides what goes into your cat’s body. If your healthy cat has already received their initial shots, ask your vet for a titer test before allowing any revaccinations. We also suggest weighing the risk of the vaccine (along with evaluating its efficacy) against the risk of the disease it intends to protect against. If you cat is ill, or has been diagnosed with a disease, no vaccines should be given. Period. All vets know to never vaccinate an ill patient, but do not hesitate to remind them if needed.

We know vet visits don’t fall under the ‘fun with cats’ category – but we have learned the hard way just how important it is to make this commitment. Your cat may not like it, but will thank you with a longer, healthier life.


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