If you haven’t noticed, we are very passionate about all senior kitties. Sadly, many older cats are often neglected, both in the home and in the shelters. We wish every cat could live to be 30+ years old, so we’re doing all the research we can on how to help them live longer, healthier lives!

Last week we wrote about how important it is to take your older cat to the vet twice yearly. We recommend doing this once they are 10 years old so that we can catch any illness that creeps up.

Just like us – as our cats age, their bodies slowly start the deterioration process. Free radicals also build up in the body and attack the joints, organs, etc. – speeding up the aging process.

Antioxidants for Older Cats

Antioxidants are what kill free radicals in the body. We call free radicals the villains and antioxidants the heros when it comes to the aging process. This is true for both humans and cats. But let’s stay focused on the felines for now…

When Scotch was 18, he started noticeably slowing down. Watching him go up the stairs was difficult – and it seemed he never wanted to play. We were already feeding him a good diet, but that wasn’t enough. Not wanting to even think about him being in the “end days”, we started adding antioxidants to his food. The change was nearly immediate and astonishing! It was like he was a kitten again! It was clear that his body just needed some extra support. For the next 3.5 years he would climb on top of the fridge and jump from counter to counter. It made our hearts happy to know he enjoyed a good and nimble quality of life during his last years.

Supplemental care for cats is important because it’s almost impossible to give their bodies everything it needs with food alone. We were blessed to be able to experience what a game-changer the right supplementation can be – and are huge fans of providing a better quality of life naturally.

And keep in mind – it’s always important to know why we are using a certain supplement – not just use a bunch of supplements for supplements sake!


Recommended Antioxidant For Cats


CATalyst Antioxidant Enzyme Formula – 2 oz



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