This is an exciting and empowering time to be a cat parent. There is so much information available about what our cats require nutritionally – and this is truly the foundation for loving our furry felines the best we can. Certainly, there are more than just 3 good diet tips for cat health, but let’s get started with some basics.

1. Gain Knowledge

The internet is full of countless diet tips for cats. The tough part is knowing who to trust. Sometimes, this even includes our own vets. Over the years, three of our four cats have been recommended a prescription (and expensive) kibble diet by different vets, for different reasons. Thankfully, we’ve had the benefit of being in pet nutrition for over a decade, which has exposed us to some very trusted voices and integrative veterinarians that share their expertise, research and truth with anyone who wants to learn more. If you’re reading this, you’re one of those people.

Here are a few trusted sources to browse when looking for healthy diet tips for cats: Dr. Karen Becker, Dr. Lisa Pierson and the Truth About Pet Food website. And if you are just beginning your journey towards more knowledge about what we feed our cats, please check out the new documentary Pet FOOleD and read our review of this great film.

2. Make Change

This may seem difficult at first, but real results take real effort. And there is absolutely nothing more satisfying or encouraging than real results. It’s been said that we are what we eat. We’ve been cat parents long enough to know that the same holds true for our cats too. Trouble is, cats have very stubborn minds of their own, and change can be a challenge. But do not give up or give in. Be prepared for a transition from an all kibble diet to a wet food diet to take several months. And then be prepared to negotiate further as you begin to add raw, fresh foods into their diet.

We know from experience that this time of change will depend on your cat… and you. We have one cat that loved wet food instantly. He is the same cat that also enjoys raw food. He is cooperative and excited about new foods. Then we have Pooh Bear. Our latest rescue, kibble addict and sometimes hangry 23 pound floof bomb. It took 9 months to transition him to wet food… and raw food? He would rather starve. For now. Perseverance and consistent implementation will win the day. We promise. And when it does, you will be rewarded by a healthier, happier, more playful and energetic cat. Priceless.

3. A Little does a Lot

Never forget this very important tip. Don’t be discouraged by slow progress. And don’t be discouraged by a small budget. The bottom line is that a healthier diet will require more effort and sometimes more money to implement. We remember a time when it only took 30 seconds to throw some kibble in the cat bowls in the morning. We also remember a time when we had to decide if our last few dollars would feed our cats… or us.

Time and money may dictate how and when healthy change is fully implemented. The point is to remember that every little bit of change makes a difference. A big, beautiful, life-changing difference.




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